• WOMEX 22!

    We have met at WOMEX 22. Thank you all!!!

  • New year, new video, new ALBUM

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you for your support, for your friendship. 

    We are extremely happy we could announce new release on 31st December 2021. 

    Album ONA

    New video HOPAJ HOP!

    New energy for 2022.


    See you on gigs!

  • Support us with good wine

    Thank you for your incredible support. 


    The release of our new album ONA seems more and more likely, THANK TO YOU ALL. 

    And if you like our music, you could try the wine from Tomáš Kočko´s winery.



  • Caps are ready

    Thank you for your support and contributions to our new album.

    We are trying to prepare more interesting options for you. If you´d like to wear caps with our logo during summer, here we offer them. 



  • New album???

    Would you like to listen to our new music?

    Support us, and help us to collect the budget for a new album ONA.

    You can choose your way to support us at https://www.donio.cz/ona

    Thank you for being with us in these days. 

  • Christmas "Kračún" live stream gig!

    Today at 5 pm you can watch us online at



    It seems this is gonna be our unigue Christmas gig this year, so please, enjoy the time with us. 


    If you feel for supporting us voluntarily, our bill, where you can send any financial contribution, is:

    IBAN:CZ5820100000002000103834 BIC/SWIFT:FIOBCZPPXXX 


    Thank you for being with us in few minutes.

  • Winter hats

    Do you want to have our knitted winter hat (black or green version) to enjoy cold weather with us not only in your hearts?

    You can order them at kapela@kocko.cz 

    Thank you for your support and let´s hope to see you live as soon as possible. 


    Stay safe!

  • St. John´s Stream

    We finally started to play for live audience.. but till 8th July 2020 you can watch online our Midsummer Stream. 


    We hope, you will enojy it as much as we did. 




    If you feel for supporting us, our bill, where you can send any financial contibution, is IBAN:CZ5820100000002000103834 BIC/SWIFT:FIOBCZPPXXX 

  • Poetry Stream in Sun

    Our fantastic experience with Poetry Stream was sunny, lovely and fantastic. And especially we thank you - for your online support and virtual energy sent to Ladislav Nezdařil´s garden. 



    You can watch the stream till 12 th May and if you feel for supporting us, our bill, where you can send any financial contibution, is IBAN:CZ5820100000002000103834 BIC/SWIFT:FIOBCZPPXXX 


    Thank you, guys. And our greetings and love to Ladislav Nezdařil, who definitely have been with us during the whole concert. 


    Your TK&O



  • Special Poetical Stream on 28th April!

    We miss live gigs, we miss our audience.

    So we try to get to you somehow.

    Since 28th April at 5 pm we will stream our special Poetical Concert our channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_G567d3MzZroRtpBD86jw 

    It will stay online for two weeks.


    You will meet us, our music - based on poetry of Ladislav Nezdařil, and we will show you Nezdařiil´s  house hidden in the middle of Beskydy mountains

    You can watch the video for 2 weeks. And if you like it or/and if you want to support our activities, you are welcome to send us any amount of money as a voluntary gift to our bill:  IBAN:CZ5820100000002000103834 BIC/SWIFT:FIOBCZPPXXX

    Thank you... :-)

  • Spring LIVE concert STREAM!

    We just have streamed our first live concert, as we can not play on public, till the COVID 19 situation will not be stabilised.

    And we enjoyed it a lot. We felt almost like you guys were there with us. Thank you for a great energy.

    We hope you have enjoyed it as well, and if you did not make it this afternoon, watch til 28th March on our youtube channel.

    If you want to support our future activities, send any ammount of money to 2000103834/2010,  for fans outside the Czech Republic, use IBAN:CZ5820100000002000103834


    Thank you!


  • WOMEX 2020

    We apply for showcase at WOMEX 2020...

    Do you think we would fit there? Fingers crossed. It would be amazing to meet you in Budapest...

  • Happy New Year 2020!

    We wish you a happy new year. We are taking two months off to recover. See you in March.